9539 Liberty Road, Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-898-4009 ~ Fax: 240-668-3664
Gentle, complete veterinary care for the felines in your family
Link map for Frederick Cat Vet for directions, hours, bio of the veterinarian and staff, veterinary services offered and a tour of the veterinary practice Veterinary Services Offered at Frederick Cat Vet:
  • Comprehensive physical examination and consultation, from kittens to seniors, typically 45-60 minutes for an initial visit. Besides the exam, this is a chance to discuss concerns in the household regarding diet, activity, litter box issues, family interactions.
  • Vaccinations, specifically tailored to your cat's needs
  • Diagnostic blood work, urinalysis, parasite checks, cytology, histopathology
  • Digital x-ray equipment for precise viewing of head, neck, chest, abdomen, and skeletal system
  • Complete internal medical workups for all systems, including diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract problems, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, dental disease, allergies, hypertension, upper respiratory disease, and many other problems too numerous to list completely.
  • In-house pharmacy plus outside prescriptions to meet all treatment needs for patients. We can also ship medications to you, which usually takes 2 days.
  • Day hospitalization for electrolyte fluid therapy and other treatments
  • Class 3B therapeutic laser for pain management and healing
  • Surgical procedures, including spay surgery, neuter surgery, and complete dental cleaning (tooth extractions if necessary), using the safest anesthetic protocols, and complete peri-operative monitoring of vital signs and appropriate pain management. We also perform other procedures here including intestinal surgery, urinary bladder surgery, wound repair and tumor removal. All procedures require pre-anesthetic blood work based on the patient's status. Spay surgery for kittens (adult price for spay is more than kittens), neuter surgery, complete dental scaling and polishing. Other procedures require an individualized treatment plan.
  • We also offer phone or e-mail consults. This service includes one month of unlimited questions pertaining to the issue. This is not a substitute for a complete exam, but rather as an adjunct to veterinary care here or elsewhere, to offer more advice and insight into your cat's health needs. If you are interested, please call our office to reserve an appointment.
  • Patients needing more advanced care and extended hospitalization are referred to one of a number of first-rate nearby services. As your primary veterinarian, we maintain regular contact with the veterinarians providing this specialized care for continuity of communication and your cat's medical record.
  • All fees are due at the time services are provided. Click here for pricing information.
  • We cannot accept checks, but do take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash or Care Credit